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One day Course
Mindfulness is a mental state that is aimed at living the present moment. It involves a variety of techniques to achieve this state, including meditation

In today’s hectic world many people will benefit from a course on Mindfulness. Course is universal and applicable regardless of activity, degree of employment, place of residence, spiritual views, gender and age

There have been numerous academic studies highlighting the benefits of mindfulness. By helping us to live in the moment improving communication, reducing stress and reducing turnover and burnout
Mindfulness is said to improve:
Cognitive & Meta-cognitive skills / Social & Emotional skills / Practical & Physical skills
Job Performance (Reb, 2013, Cambridge University)

Problem solving (Kinder, 1997)

Job satisfaction (Reb, 2012, Cambridge University)

Work-Life Balance (Reb, 2013, Cambridge University)

Focus & Concentration (Reb, 2012 & 2013, Cambridge University)

Ethical Decision making (Shapiro, Jazzeri, Goldin, 2012, UCLA)

Creativity & Innovation (Murphy & Donovan, 1996)

Employer-Employee Relations (Giluk, 2012, British Psychological Society)
Scientifically proven effect
By the end of the course, participants should be able to: discuss the concept of Mindfulness and how this can be used to improve life we live. Apply techniques to de-stress and return to simple values that matter. Put certain mindfulness techniques into practice. Act in such ways that will help them to be better at dealing with others. Improve all aspects of one’s life including at work, family time and leisure time. Be more focused and appreciate the simple things in life
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