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10 sessions 50 min each
The success of any organization is highly dependent on the ability of employees to perform efficiently, set priorities, goals and follow them accordingly, to be agile, and skillfully manage emotions.Introduction of Mindfulness approach helps to support employees emotionally, to reduce work related stress and improve their wellbeing for better performance

Created for busy humans to Improve Performance and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Mindfulness approach is applicable for everyone, regardless of role within the company, to improve emotional culture. As a result, when difficult issues arise, they are more likely to be skillfully acknowledged, held, and responded to by the employees. Over time with mindfulness, humans learn to develop the inner resources that will help navigate through stressful situations with more ease, comfort, and grace
Empowers to develop following skills:
Self-efficacy / Resilience / Performance / Innovation / Empathy / Self-regulation / Collaboration
Why is it essential to introduce Mindfulness Approach at Workplace?
Studies show that implementation of Mindfulness approach can improve ability to focus on one thing at a time and help curb tendency for distraction. This ability to focus will start to translate to everything. It helps participants to avoid multitasking, and places an emphasis on mono-tasking. A focused mind is a productive mind
Mindfulness approach helps to increase emotional intelligence in three major ways: It improves ability to comprehend own emotions; It helps to recognize the emotions of other people around; It strengthens ability to govern and control personal emotions. As well improves participants’ ability to use their emotions effectively by helping them determine which emotions are beneficial when undertaking certain activities
Increased productivity
Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
Creativity greatly depends on mental state. Mindfulness helps participants to get into a creative frame of mind by combating the negative thoughts that hinder creative thinking and self-expression. The fact that mindfulness focuses on the present helps to think freely and creatively and allows mind the space to bounce off ideas
The process of recruiting talented employees is quite laborious. Often, business is interested in minimizing employee turnover. By incorporating mindfulness into organization, employees can retrain themselves to focus on the present moment and truly listen to people with compassion and kindness. This empowers engagement and improves job satisfaction ratio
Creativity Enhancement
Well-being Improvement
The program is adapted for managers and their teams. It is possible to choose the optimal format based on the goals of the organization. Business approaches are changing and now it is important to be agile, accepting new rules of the game
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